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Getting movement enthusiasts out of pain and back to living life. 

Be Out of Pain

Learn how to solve your pain and get out of it for good. This program will give you the correct tools to heal your body.

Get Back to Doing What You Love

No more sitting on the sidelines. It’s time to take charge of your health and move with freedom. Learn how A.I.S. Stretching Therapy will help.

Be Resilient

You are less likely to reinjure yourself when you are able to adapt to the unexpected.

My Passion

When I have the opportunity to get someone out of a pain that has been limiting them for a long time I get a great sense of achievement. To hear a client say to me that they are now able to do something they have always wanted, but have been apprehensive to do until now makes me know that I have done my job to the highest of my ability. It’s listening to testimonials like this one that makes me remember everyday why I absolutely LOVE what I do!

For me, this goes way beyond just working with someone to get them back to enjoying life again. This is about inspiring each and every person I have the opportunity to work with to find passion in movement and see it as something to be enjoyed. movement is not something we have to do, it’s something we GET to do.

If you are ready to get out of pain and be inspired to love movement, please don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE consultation with me.

Unlike Anything Else

People are constantly asking me, what is your style called? This is because it’s unlike anything they have ever experienced. There is no name for what I do, just the results it produces. Be ready for a whole new way of looking at corrective exercises (that are fun to do!). These exercises will not only get you out of pain, but keep you out of pain.

One of the modalities I utilize is Active Isolated Stretching Therapy. This has been proven to be the most effective way to bring mobility back to a joint that is causing pain, thus greatly reducing the pain and speeding the healing process. Be ready to be treated to this relaxing and results based therapy when you come into your first session.

The pain might be coming from your shoulder, but is the shoulder really the issue? I take the time to assess your movement patterns to find out where the dysfunction is really coming from to alleviate the pain once and for all. Listen to this testimonial to hear how I helped Sarah through a nagging shoulder issue…

Personal Experience

I have 14 years experience as a movement specialist. My career started at the University of Washington as an instructor. I was in charge of running a beginning weightlifting class and was the creator of many new classes because of the demand for my knowledge and leadership skills. From there I trained at a corporate gym while gaining knowledge in the studies of human movement.

I now have my own business with numerous pleased and fulfilled clients. I take my education seriously and attend continuing education courses regularly. I also consult and get educated by local professionals in the field of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Strength and Conditioning, Optimal Running and Nutrition. All to provide you with the most effective and efficient program possible.

What you are getting is condensed down into an easy to follow program that is designed specifically for you. This technique has been built on real world practical application of the every day training.




A private one-on-one session at the studio with Me. I will assess your movement quality and prescribe just the right exercises and motivation to get you to where you need to be. Hands-on A.I.S. Stretching Therapy will make you feel fantastic and ready to tackle more demanding movement.



Receive a program specifically designed for you with the exact exercises you need. Every program is printed, emailed and given to you at the studio with a clear explanation of how to do each exercise. Updated programs are created when you are ready to progress.



Along with your personalized program you will get access to the video library. These professionally shot videos guide you through your exercises so there is no question of whether you are doing them correctly.

All for $439 per Month

20% discount on all sessions purchased in addition to the four sessions per month.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this program I will gladly refund all unused sessions.


Terry | Moving past pain

Terry is an outdoor enthusiast and an avid runner. He came to me looking to increase his efficiency in running and avoid re-injuring himself. Throughout the past couple of months we have worked together to make his body more resilient to anything he can throw at it. It’s always a pleasure to hear of what adventure Terry has gone on most recently!

Lauren | Back To Movement

Lauren is incredibly passionate about movement. Which is why she was not okay with chronic lower back pain. She loves to dance and wanted to get back to moving with freedom again. Listening to this testimonial makes me so happy to hear how much this training has helped her get back to this. She now has the tools to stay strong and resilient!

Scott | Pure Enjoyment

Scott set out the task for me – Fix my body so I can move without any pain and get me in the best shape of my life (simple, right!?). The first couple of months we setout to fix all of the imbalance problems by following a custom workout that addressed his body as a whole, looking at every movement with a fine-tuned eye. I figured out what would be causing the pain, then systematically removed those obstacles through movement and looking at where Scott could make some simple changes to daily habits.

Sarah | Pushing Past

Sarah made the decision to work with me to rehabilitate her torn rotator cuff. In only a month and a half she has far surpassed expectations of what her body is capable of. We worked together to find out what was the root cause of the shoulder injury and focused on changing her habits to eliminate any recurring issues. Overcoming mental barriers around the shoulder injury was an incredibly important process for Sarah.

Julie | Back To Health

Julie’s hard work committing to the program made it possible for her to gain confidence and strength to not let pain be a limiting factor in her life. We worked hard on alleviating knee and back pain. After clearing this up we tackled balance and strength. One of my favorite things about being a trainer is to be able to assist people like Julie. Limitations wither away and with the new space created, possibilites take root.

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